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The Fine Print

You know, it's getting harder daily to keep from offending people. Too many generations of irresponsible parenting, bad citizenship, and poor hygeine give us a culture where not only will your web page guests get offended at the most harmless slip of the keyboard, but they're rude enough to tell you how offended they are. Wouldn't be so bad if they could spell.

So just for the record: the opinions and content expressed in my web page are my own, except where noted, and I do make an honest effort to avoid offending people by accident. If for some reason you don't like what I have on my pages, go visit another page. I'm not particularly interested in your feelings, just go to some other page that won't offend you.

As for copyrights: by law I suppose anything I publish on the web is covered by an implicit copyright. The holder of that copyright is Chris Knight. The Institute for Bad FF@ Poetry contains material copyrighted by other contributors and is reprinted on my pages with their permission. That cool Hell's Anglers graphic isn't mine, and I'd appreciate your not taking it without permission. In any case, if you want to borrow something you see on my pages you should at least tell me you're doing it.


The Management

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