Barkng Dogs Clave 2003

This was supposed to be our annual holiday get-together at Owasco Inlet. We usually celebrate with good food, fellowship, cigars, whisky, and a bit of fishing to close out the Finger Lakes Trib fishing season.

This year it didn't quite work out that way. Two days of snow squalls to make travel unwise, a heavy rain 2 days prior to blow out the creek, and in Blake's case influenza took hold. Still, we had Canadian representatives from the greater Toronto and Ottawa regions staying in Syracuse for the weekend, so we just moved the clave indoors.

Courtesy of Steve Weiter's new puppy Stryder and his unrelenting playfulness with my old, cranky hound Hebert we had plenty of dog barking. This preserved the clave name, even though we were not fishing the Barking Dog Hole as planned. A Saturday night party, lots of food, drink, and cigars made the weather irrelevant, and a good time was had despite the lack of fishing.

Hardly any photos were taken because the fishing gear was never unpacked. Here's a representative photo of Brenda Sharpe, Blair Sharpe, Sheldon Seale, and Paul Schlote celebrating victory over the Sunday New York Times Crossword Puzzle:

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