Family Clave 2000

This year's clave had more attendees and better weather than ever, and it turned out to be a fantastic weekend of gaming, swimming, eating, and, well, claving.

These photos were taken by either Brenda or Blair Sharpe, who graciously let me post them here.

NOTE: I have removed several photos from this archive because because Jason and Honda could not behave maturely. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Joyce, a camping neighbour who was adopted and indoctrinated by Family Clavers

Chad, hurry up and blow out the candles so we can have CAKE!

Angling tip: put your fly rod under your wiper so you don't, uh... step on it!

Amy Werner babysits Zoe the pug.

Monster Chiller Horror Boggle

Fiona does her Zoe impression

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