Family Clave 2003

The Gang at the Flume

Brad Werner, Human Fish

Blake and Matt soak up the sun

Born to Wade

The Flume

The Flumed

Lucas, Brad, Tyler, and Agust

Luis whispers sweet nothings to Lola

The Gang: (FR) Stryder (the black lab pup), Stevie, Rachael, and Nala Weiter, Tyler Gudmundsson, Alex,
Natasha, and Lola Nasim, Hope McGlory, Caitlin Knight, Amy, Brad, and Jan Werner.
(CR)Brenda and Blair Sharpe, Jan and Steve Weiter, Lucas Nasim, Jim Tefft, Blake Werner, and Luis Nasim
(BR) Chris Knight, Agust Gudmundsson, Marc Dupuis, Chad Gudmundsson,
Aaron and Jennifer Knight, Pat Tefft and grandson Matt McGlory

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