Family Clave 2004

It started off soggy, but the remnants of Hurricane Charlie stayed southeast of the Adirondacks and the sun did come out Saturday. Once again a great time was had by all, too much excellent food was consumed, lots of Scrabble® was played, and before you knew it the weekend was over.

Agust and Aaron fry up them taters while Jan checks for OSHA compliance

Luis and Lola, young lovers in love. Wait'll Patricia hears about this!

Guerillas in the Mist: Matt, Chad, and Tyler play ball

Caitlin Knight with the Catch of the Weekend: The Claude Freaner Beaded Brook Trout

The Whole Gang: (FR)Jay Tefft, Stevie, Jan, Rachael, and Nala Weiter, Hope McGlory, Tyler Gudmundsson
Lucas, Luis, and Lola Nasim (CR)Emily, Sophie, and Andrew Roberts, John Drendel,
Caitlin Knight, Clara Drendel, Amy Werner, Jim Tefft, Jan Werner, Steve Weiter, Pat Tefft
(BR)Brenda and Blair Sharpe, Agust Gudmundsson, Chris Knight, Gabrielle and Bessie Drendel, Chad
Gudmundsson with Matt McGlory, Blake Werner, Elliot and Nancy Kirschbaum, Aaron Knight

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