Hell's Anglers Chapter Meetings

In September 1996 we gathered for fellowship and snooty trout on the WB Delaware. Here are a few faces from that trip:

Dale Bonney and Bob Petti get ready to not-catch fish

Pat McGlory helps Jim Tefft model her custom landing net

October 1996, Fishlessness on the Niagara: When Tim Pinnow (NM) posted a note saying he'd be at Niagara-on-the-Lake for a few days to teach sword fighting to actors, we got a crew together to fish the mighty Niagara River.

From the left: Tim Pinnow, Jim Tefft, Pat McGlory, Blake Werner, Arnie Stender, and Chris Knight. Blake's friend Zag was taking the photo.

20 December 1998. We converged on Owasco Inlet. Marc Dupuis came down from Ottawa for this one, proving to be the hardiest of the winter-fishing lot. His reward, of course, was an anemic gravy at the Moravia diner.....

01 May 1999. Lured by the promise of low, clear water and a prolific Hendrickson hatch, the intrepid Hell's Anglers met on the WB Delaware. Thanks to Gerry and Tim we escaped semi-fishless.

There are no steelhead. Intrepid Hell's Anglers Blair and Brenda Sharpe, Marc Dupuis, and Bob Petti made sure of it during this trip the Salmon River.

19 December 1999: Our 2nd-Annual pre-Christmas gathering at Owasco Inlet. Different diner, better gravy, and the neighbors looked on warily from their kitchen windows.

Tim Boothe, Blake Werner, Gert Jensen, Gerry Cox, Bob Petti, and Chris Knight
Jim "King" Lear was behind the camera.

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