The 1999 Lake Placid Clave

We came, we claved, and nearly everyone who tried caught fish.

The big story: Jim Tefft and Pat McGlory , who became engaged on the banks of the Ausable two years ago during a Lake Placid Clave, stopped to get married on the way to this year's clave. We held the official reception at the campground, and a good time was had by all.

The happy couple cuts one of the two cakes

We even had a birthday party. Lily Doerwald gained another year during the conclave, and to celebrate Blake whipped up a campstove cake, Eli chipped in an ice cream cake, and the feed was on.

Here's Lily and Eli awaiting signals from the home planet

Luis Nasim catches a nice fish from Copperas Pond. Finally!

Jennifer Knight and her shades ply the Ausable

John Drendel poses with Jennifer Knight after he won
the coveted Illustrated Pattern Swap III donated by Sue Kreutzer

Aaron Knight works the undercut

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