NEC XIV Wilmington, NY 2007

Getting ready for a good old-fashioned barn raising

There goes the neighborhood!

The Substitute M.A.S.H. screenhouse oozes into place

A Man and His Kitchen

Team Visser unwinds at their compound

Luis Nasim and Mark Herron on the lookout for rising fish

The Herron catches one of those fish

Barbie, The Gnome, and Canada Bear partied late into the night

Chris Bersted models his L.E.D. "Got Beer" hat. The photo does not do it justice, alas.

The Evans Clan: Mark, River, and Darelene

A beautiful little Adirondack Mountain pond

A beautiful little Adirondack Mountain pond brook trout

The Canadian Flotilla's Pontoon Boat Assembly Line

Steve Weiter's inaugural NEC Baked Fish in Wine Sauce. Yum!

G.B.H. stirs the mushroom risotto

Blair's Pile-O-Pork-Parts anxiously anticipates Vindaloohood

John Drendel puts the finishing touches on a glorious strawberry shortcake dessert

Sheldon Seale lands a monster brookie on a beautiful little creek

Newbies (or should I say "Newfies"?) Shawn Flynn and Luke Hogan

Pat and Jim Tefft celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary.....

....While Eli Robillard and Dawn Davidson celebrate Dawn's first trout on a flyrod

Linda Comito and Greg Moore unwind at The Slum

Easton Moore, Fire Captain

The Troutslayer Twins: G.B.H. and the Mad Argentine

Paul Schlote and Dan Mulvihill keep watch over a sleepy River

The Evanses and The Sheldon

Blake "2-Speed" Werner, Chris "Blindman" Bersted, Luis "Luis" Nasim, and Joe "Cliff" Behar

Hey, what's with the non-rusted truck? Trying to drive up real estate values?

On to the Catskills, where Skip Klepacki presides over a delightful dinner

Janet Cass, Peter Just, Bill Cass, and Richard Frank prepare for that delightful dinner

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