NECII Group Photo, 1995

This photo was taken during the Saturday night reception, held in the 110m ski jump tower in the United States Olympic Complex in Lake Placid, NY in June 1995.

Front Row: Jim Tefft, Luis Nasim, Mike Uhlberg, Don Jones, and Dennis Kwong.

2nd Row: Georgia Stender, Arnie Stender, Bob Picardi, Georgia Jones, Ski Jump elevator attendant, and Bob Guttentag

3rd Row: Chris Knight, Scott Mueller, Sheldon Seale, Lindsey Grandison, Blake Werner, Chris Taylor, Scott Sminkey, and Cathy Sminkey.

Top Row: Richard Caccavale, John Danskin, Bill Barnard, Ken Geddes, Clyde Watson, Lloyd Ortman, and Jim Grobholtz.

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