FF@ Klave of (non) Steel

Stephen DiCerbo held a steelhead clave for the Salmon River in November 2000, and that Sunday most of the Klavers went trout fishing instead. Go figure.

These photos are from that renegade excursion:

Armed, Dangerous, and Needing Therapy:
Pat and Jim Tefft, Kat Cruikshank, Marc Dupuis, Blake Werner,
Brenda Sharpe, Christian Thalacker, Tomo, and Blair Sharpe

Speaking of therapy, here's Kat breaking in her new rod

Marc shows off Kat's new rod and his casting prowess

Meanwhile, Brenda takes a mid-stream break

Guests of honor: Tomo and Pickle Boy

Jim Tefft lands a pretty carp (photo by Jim)

Kat's Klave of Steel Pix

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