George Bruzenak, A Retrospective

He finally lost it, happens to the best of bad poets. Yep, sometime during the 1998 Bruzer's Poetry/Prose ratio swung heavily to the poetry side of the meter, almost singlehandedly keeping the list in bad poetry for several threads.

Subject: Re: For Engineers and Engineer Wanna-bes:

Richard Swartz wrote:

> If Agnus Dei is Lamb of God, then what's an agnus castus tree?

I do believe that the "agnus castus tree" is a latinized
mispronunciation of "the o(*&^%*s tree ate my backcast!!!" as in:

I cast the dry fly
heaven-wards towards the rise, but
agnus castus tree!!!

bruzer, still chewing them vicodin painkillers

Subject: Time Marches On

At the risk of starting a flame war:

April 1'th be here
No jokes from the cloistered one?
What a boring day!

bruzer - still trying to get this haiku stuff down pat

Subject: Re: Whoops!

Bill Schudlick wrote:

>Do not send haiku
>to the list unless you can
>face being shot at

Haiku I will send
Been on vicoden so long
Shoot, but do not miss

bruzer - hopefully running out of vicoden and back pain at the same time

Subject: Re: Hardboiled FF (fiction)

Kat mimics Spillane
msteries sans fish tales
her tail is better

Sorry - it's been a week of Mondays

Subject: Fishin' Nekkid

Fishing naked wins
sun lotion applied or not
hands kept on the rod

Good Gawd!! I hope Friday is over soon!!!


And then there was the "Name This Fly" thread in August 1998, where George flat out
lost it: 8^)

Subject: Re: Name this fly (?)

Murf wrote:

>The fly is about a size 16, has a long tail (2-3 tails, when I'd
> catch them the tails broke off) twice the body length (at least),
> clear spinner wings with some having a bit of black in the upper
> portions, big black eyes (male), body of cream color with a tinge
> of green, ribbing was a subdued, broken brownish-green.

And then, inspired by the sadness of the spinner's fall, and broken body parts, I submit:

Murf broke the tails
effete ephemerella
no one knows it's name

bruzer - waxing (or is that waning?) philosophically


2speed wrote:

> the unknown mayfly
>it spent it's life for one thing
>but now it is done

But, recalling a recent thread:

Catch broken mayfly
Superglue the parts back on
Tie it to a hook

bruzer, sadness past, now getting practical


I wrote:

>Catch broken mayfly
>Superglue the parts back on
>Tie it to a hook

which leads to:

Do the fish care much
taste of superglue and parts?
Take them on corn flies

Yellow husks and thread
just like ephemerella
easier to tie.

bruzer, stuck now at five - seven - five


Claude replied to my lament:

>Pity Bruzer, he's on a roll;
>The haiku meter takes it's toll.
> Try eight, eight, six, six, eight
> And soon you too will rate
>A place in Lim'rick hell, poor soul!

and I, with little or no ff content, say

Claude nicely reserves me a spot;
Lim'rick hell? I really think not.
Stuck @ five - seven - five
Is where I have to strive
FF haiku is all I've got.

Bruzer, recovering from camping (in Taos) with no fishing allowed
(although I finished "Tight Lines - Bright Water", and have started on "Terrresterials")


Subject: Re: Name this fly (?)

Blake Werner wrote:

> WHEW he's on a roll
>must be the work is too much
> better go fish'n

If you can not fish
and dreaming at work is frowned 'pon;
Write fishing haiku

bruzer, less fishing this year than any time before

Subject: Re: FreshWater Strippers

Bill wrote (in reply to Claude (in reply to ???))

>Sugar daddy Bob
>Fishing Texas for stippers
>Is twenty enough?

I can't resist:

Twenty is enough
Buy strippers at meat market
Anyone fishing?

bruzer, working on the second Monday this week

Subject: Was Re: Steelhead, now Dancing in the Glow

Tom Fry wrote:

>In my own area we have a Russian religious
> group whose rituals involve burning down their own houses (and
> sometimes other people's houses) while dancing naked outside.
> Baglo is almost too sane to live here ;-^)

Ah yes:

Sons and Daughters of Dukabore
Their houses and others abhor
With no clothes, don't you know
Dance naked in the glow
I thought that's what Hades is for.

bruzer, don't blame me - Claude stuck me with this 8-8-6-6-8 affliction

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