Welcome Back, Chaz Clover

On 11 September 1997, Chaz Clover returned to FF@ after a lengthy absence. He more than anyone was responsible for the pestilent bad poetry on FF@, so when he announced his return he was honored appropriately.

From: Chris Knight
Subject: Re: Okay, okay, okay!

Chaz wrote:

>Enough is enough. After almost 3 years abscence I suppose I should
>wade back in.

Reckon this merits a bad haiku. 8^)

No wolverines here
fields of Clover asphalted
all hail steamrollers

Welcome back, dude.

From: Claude Freaner
Subject: Bad Poetry, was: Okay, okay, okay!

I thought we were trying to welcome him back...oh, well, what the heck...

All this greenness has got to halt;
Our vocations it does assault.
We don't need grass and trees
A'waving in the breeze!
Let's pave the planet with asphalt!!

Welcome back, Chas... Chas? Chas? ...oh, drat; did he leave again?

From: Don Johnson
Subject: A Bad Limerick, was Re: Okay, okay, okay!

Reckon this merits a bad haiku and a bad limerick.

His self imposed absence is over.
His days have been spent as a rover.
A tier of flies
A liar of size.
To a fisher we know as Chaz Clover.

From: Joseph N. Cleres
Subject: Re: Okay, okay, okay!

Clover has returned
Now Colorado must
Share him with the world.

See, Chaz? Nothing's changed (Let's discuss cow magnets) Welcome back.


From: Blake Werner
Subject: Re: Okay, okay, okay!

It's good to hear from you again sir.
here's my "contribute"

It's time to sit on yonder pail
chaz came round he'll tell a tale
they've topped and paved both near and far
but now it seems he's out of tar
so tell dear sir, how's yer fish'n
got any new flies we be miss'n?

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