More Magnets

Eternal Recurrence? Hopefully!

This outbreak happened January 2001.....

From: Allan Fish
Subject: Re: Fishing Magnets; was: Blake New Line

Bill Williams wrote:

>You inventive types might consider getting what is known as a cow magnet
>from your local Veterinarian. They are pretty strong, about 3-4 inches
>long, and either round tubular or square tubular (3/4 inch diameter) and
>would be fairly simple to bind to the end of your staff.

OH NO! Not the magnificent Magnetic Cows again! They were responsible for the worst outbreak of Haiku ever experienced on the FF@ list!


With dry fly caught in big tree
Magnetic cow gets

Not a very good one, but's nearly midnight!

From: Tom Fry
Subject: Re: Fishing Magnets; was: Blake New Line

Magnetic cows eat
Tiemco 200R's
size about 16

From: Chris Knight
Subject: Re: Fishing Magnets 'ku

It took 5 years, but we've come full circle: We're back to using cow magnets to retrieve hooks. 8^)

It takes a strong pole
to lift Elsie into trees
for stray fishing lures

Need better method?
can't lift the magnetic beast?
use a trebuchet

-- Chris Knight, Janitor
Institute for Bad FF@ Poetry

"A pig makes a good missile because it is nice and aerodynamic, you know."
-Hew Kennedy

From: Blake Werner
Subject: Re: NOW.....Fishing Magnets; was:

_Oh no!, you had to go and did that didn't you!
I guess winter is ofishal now

I probed the creek bed
Found some tipped cows rolling stones
Bovine cluster roll

From: kat cruickshank
Subject: Re: Fishing Magnets; was: Blake New Line

uh oh.... =)))

Hey, it's the 21st century -- use "rare earth" magnets instead! they're freakishly powerful - and come in diameters that could be easily inlaid into the bottom end of a staff or something. Your biggest problem with putting one of those in your wading staff might be unexpectedly getting "stuck" on some rusty old car part on the bottom of the stream.... =)))

Lee Valley Tools sells them here, couldn't say where you'd get 'em in the US....

cows are so passť
space age magnet finds bottom
holds you to the spot

From: Claude Freaner
Subject: Re: Fishing Magnets; was: Blake New Line

Use iron-doped trout chow,
Electromagnet in staff
For catch and release

Feed trout iron pellets
Fish with magnet tied to fly
Instead of a hook

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