Putrid PeTA Poetry

A recurring theme: some anti-human activist group does something minimally newsworthy, and we discuss it on FF@. Degeneration into bad poetry occurs. Always.

From: Richard Frank
Subject: Re: Peta Ad

SAPHO sophomore
PETA preoccupied, call
by 2004

From: Claude Freaner
Subject: Re: Peta Ad

Frederick's calling,
We have lingerie for you.
No silk, just nylon

From: Richard Frank
Subject: PETA ku - was: Peta Ad

The PETA brassiere
makes something out of nothing
black or brown leather

From: Ian Martin
Subject: Re: PETA ku - was: Peta Ad

Oh no. PETAku.
Coot's anti-tank deerburgers.
It's February.

From: Richard Frank
Subject: Re: PETA ku - was: Peta Ad

Fire the bazooka
deerbugers everywhere
grab your buns and run

From: A. J. Somerset
Subject: Re: PETA ku - was: Peta Ad

Deerbugers? Suuscribe!
fragmented typography
like splattered bambi

Okay. It's bedtime.
Wait! That is five syllables....
Can't stop the madness .....

From: Richard Frank
Subject: Peta poem

If PETAs were particular,
They'd understand the joy of fur,
And no abhorrence would they feel
For sauteed, lightly breaded veal.

A trout, beurre blanc, so light and sweet
Would have them cheering on their feet,
And plump and rounded chicken breasts
Would leave them feeling doubly blessed.

No steak, no chop would they eschew;
They'd dive into their oyster stew.
The joys of meat they'd stop denying
When on fillet mignon they're dining.

If petas were particular,
Kitties on their laps would purr,
And on their feet their Dr. Martins
Would keep their tender toes from smartin'.

Their leather jackets they would cherish.
And thoughts of tofu they would perish,
And in the end they'd beg "Forgive us."
Admitting that we are carniv'rus.

From: Richard Frank
Subject: Re: Peta Ad

Bowhunter's poem

I shot an arrow into the air!
It fell to earth I know not where!

From: Mark Herron
Subject: Re: PETA ku - was: Peta Ad

You shouldn't have started this....

Petaku Petaku baker
Man Bake a fake as fast as
You can say bambiburger with fries to go please

From: John James
Subject: Re: PETA ku - was: Peta Ad

Black or brown leather -
both come from the hide of cow
No PETA would dare!

Rayon! Underwire!
These things support their cause, so
LUGs can't get enough!

From: Lisa Ingersoll
Subject: Re: PETA ku

Trees raining hunters
PETA take away our fun!
Oh my, what to do?

From: Ian D. Martin
Subject: PETAku

Cow: magnet for kids
source of milk, ice cream, yogurt.
Pallid PETA weeps.

(sorry, I'll go away now)

From: Leslie Benscoter
Subject: Re: PETAku

>Cow: magnet for kids
>source of milk, ice cream, yogurt.
>Pallid PETA weeps.

Use Steelhead Bomber
Scare Hell Out Of The PE TA

:) I can't finish it :)

I am gone.

From: Conrad Shiba
Subject: Re: PETAku

> Use Steelhead Bomber
> Scare Hell Out Of The PE TA
> ...........
> :) I can't finish it :)

Milk on their faces.

From: Jase
Subject: Re: PETAku

White mustaches shine
On upper lips of children
While PETA-philes weep

Thanks, Ian

From: Chris Knight
Subject: Re: PeTAku

high on calcium
crazed kids corner PeTA dweeb
force feed heavy cream

From: Richard Frank
Subject: Re: PeTAku

PeTAs petition
"Be lactose intolerant!"
but kids still GOT MILK!


From: Dave Lewis
Subject: Re: Pork venting

Blake quoting Amos
righteousness from the plain men
we all are redeemed

From: Fred Smith
Subject: Re: PETA venting

Les is in distress
damsels not apostrophe
crux of the biscuit

cream laden biscuits
peta-philes in a dither
much to much roughage

From: Mark Herron
Subject: Re: PETAku

PeTA pipers pied
Past ya eyes dance milk maids
High in butterfat content

From: Claude Freaner
Subject: Pork venting

I can't believe all the traffic I've been reading about "pork venting" and etc.
Where is Richard? I hope he hasn't been spending the past two days
working 'round the clock to keep certain "friends" of his supplied
with sufficient Prozac to keep them from going crazy because of all
the messages recently.

The pigs are relaxed,
Fearful messages ignored,
when taking Prozac...

Trotters are unclean.
Try chicken legs instead and
Richard is happy.

From: Bill Schudlich
Subject: Was Pork Venting. was: Jewish Dietary Laws. now ku

On 12/1/2000, Richard Comerford wrote:
>"(Co"ny) n. [OE. coning, conig, coni, OF. connin, conin, connil, fr. L.
>cuniculus a rabbit, cony, prob. an Hispanic word.] [Written also coney.]

Loco Conejo
Wrong turn at Albuquerque
It's wabbit season

-e. Fudd

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