Snail Scatology

December 2001...someone asks whether trout eat snails. That's all it took:

From: Chris Knight
Subject: Re: snailku

Kat wrote:

>my list weather service has just issued a "Severe Haiku Watch" for this thread.

rainbow trout bunged on
undigestible snail shells
sinister, of course

From: Dan Kennaley
Subject: Re: snailku

Eat snails suffer pain
However strong bones result
Whorls will appreciate

From: Agust Kr. Gudmundsson
Subject: Re: snailku

snails and caddis cases
intestinal fortitude
trout butts a pucker

From: Claude Freaner
Subject: Re: snailku

Snail fed rainbow trout
can be caught on hooks dubbed with
Preparation H

From: Bill Schudlich
Subject: Re: snailku

On 12/28/2001, Claude Freaner wrote:

>Snail fed rainbow trout
>can be caught on hooks dubbed with
>Preparation H

"No more gastropods!"
yelled the trout as his bowel moved.

From: Richard Frank
Subject: Re: snailku

>After they built Navajo Dam, they called the fish in the San Juan rattlin' rainbows
>as you could hear the snails in their bellies when they jumped.

Navajo snail dance
circle fire shake a fish
oh a oh a ha

>I've seen rainbows full of snails where their bellies feel as though they
>were full of gravel. Their ***holes were also in a terrible state - like
>trout hemorhoids - from passing the unassimilated shells. good for the old bones
calcium rich diet and
Preparation Snail

>It seems to my some years ago I read an article in Flyfishing Mag about
>some kind of coffee bean pattern that was suppose to imitate a snail pattern. Columbian gold
San Juan Valdez snail pattern
catches hyper bows

From: Agust Kr. Gudmundsson
Subject: Re: snailku

whirling snails are found
where magnets cannot save them
and trout dare not go

Agust Kr. G.
Ending the year on a low note....

From: Mark Herron
Subject: Re: snailku

Redsides ring of fire
Vindaloo snails for supper
Oh my aching triploids

From: Bill Hoover
Subject: Re: snailku

snails hold onto rocks
java bean swings by
snails strangely stimulated

From: Marty Wardius
Subject: Re: snailku

snails problematic
laxatives called for, no doubt
can we make a case?


From: Clyde Watson
Subject: Re: snailku

                       __         .-'`     ``'-.
                      /o \_     .'              '.
                  _.-'\__/ `\  /      _..---._    \
                .'           \/    .-'  __    '.   \
               /       ,_    |    /    (_,`\    |  |
               \       /     |:.  \        /    /  /
                '----'`--'\  \:.   '-....-'   .' _/
                           \ /`-..___     _.-' -` \.__
                            |::.     `````        /   `)
                      jgs   `-::___         __.-'``''`

Snails slide along rocks
Trout eat many escargo
Shells plug number two

Trout with flatulence
Swallow snails for protection
News, flyfisher shot!

From: Sue Kreutzer
Subject: Re: snailku

Beautiful Doc ! the ascii king returnth, if only for a brevity in time !!!!!
May I add ?

butter Escargot
edible more than you know
snails eels ants-BUTTER !

From: kat cruickshank
Subject: Re: snailku

someone tell PETA
trout all bunged up with snail shells
proves they can't feel pain!

From: Glen Spackman
Subject: Re: snailku +

Red snails in the sunset
sprayed out on the path
oh, carry my loved one
home safely to me

He snailed at the dawning
All day I've been blue
Red snails in the sunset
I'm trusting in you

Swift wings you must borrow
make straight for the shore
We marry tomorrow
and he goes snailing no more

Bloody typical!

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