SpiderGoat Doggerel

From: Eli Robillard
Subject: Spider and the Goat<

There is a company in Montreal planting spider genes
into goat embryos to produce super-strong silk in industrial
quantities. The extraction method? Simple, skim it off their milk.

One of the first commercial uses will be stronger fishing line.
And no doubt a new level of really chewy french cheese.
Let the haiku begin.

For the best tippet
Any Super Bio Goat
Spins it out his arse

From: Chris Knight
Subject: SpiderGoat 'Ku

Eli wrote:

>...... Let the haiku begin.

Why stop there? They could do so much better with just a bit more
gene tampering....

8-legged genes in
40-peckered billy goat
silk-spewing mongrel

From: LASmithers
Subject: Re: Spider and the Goat

There once was a he goat named Gene
Who`es disposition was terribly mean
When approached by a spider
He lay down beside her
and spun forth a leader so lean


From: Jason Tinling
Subject: Re: You need to read this

Billy sits in web
New tippet and tough poutine
Come from altered goat

From: Leslie Benscoter
Subject: Re: SpiderGoat 'Ku

>8-legged genes in
>40-peckered billy goat
>silk-spewing mongrel

Chris :)
Oh My Gosh ......

Les Will Take The Goat
To The Field For Some Testing
Will Put Crank On Arse

Leaving for the High Country for a few days ..... Testing :)

From: Gudmundsson, Agust
Subject: Re: SpiderGoat 'Ku

dwarf spider goat with
mutated mammary gene
spews 10x tippet

From: John James
Subject: Re: SpiderGoat 'Ku

Arachnid juice turns
bionic goat into
angling lawn mower

From: Richard Frank
Subject: Re: SpiderGoat 'Ku

goat hangs by a thread
waiting til the cows come home
wrap one up for lunch

From: Tammy DiGristine
Subject: Re: SpiderGoat 'Ku

Man... been a long time since I did a ku for you or two...

lemme see iffen I can still do this...

weight forward floating
extracted arachnid silk
skimmed milk goat cheese line

(hmm, wonder what color THAT line would be?)

the fly on the end
eight legged spider pattern
made out of goat's hair

wow.. am thinking I am out of practice here....

From: Kathy Johnson
Subject: Re: SpiderGoat 'Ku

Arachnic chevon
Silk dental floss or fly line
A fish on one end

From: Blake Werner
Subject: Re: spioatku

The old goat gets mean
she ties her mate up when done
furled leader death

From: Tim Boothe
Subject: Arachnogoat Haiku

Man-made Arachno-goat
Grazing under buglight
Crunchy, protein filled the meal is

Arachno-udder produces
Strength and Stealth for fisherperson
Small teats, finer tippet

From: Jason Tinling
Subject: Yet more spider-goat poetry...

Not 'ku, but it is bad..

A flatulent goat, name of Snyder
Was altered with DNA of spider
On a dare from the boyz,
As to who made the worst noise,
lifted his tail up to rip it,
but 'stead of gas, he got 7x tippet!

Jason, who's glad his mother doesn't read FF@ (but is
sure he's managed to put someone in shock anyway) ;-)

From: Richard Frank
Subject: Pigs don't envy spigoats

the science of silk
we wallow in self-pity
but we are footballs

goat silk, boars bristle
we are the other white meat
give goats the brush off

make silk from goat's milk
make silk purse from a sow's ear
who holds the purse strings

porcine forever
goat indentity crisis
we are not Charlotte

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