Fly Vises, Vices, Etc.

Yep, there's even poetry about fly tying vises. Heaven forbid....

From: Richard Frank
Subject: you won't believe this

Danny Walls wrote:

> Folks, I got a request today from a woman wanting a list of 'people
> who tie flys'. I asked who she was with and what she wanted to do
> with the list. She replied "We manufacture Electrical fly tying
> machines"!, and want the list for sales purposes. I haven't replied
> yet, too stunned! Anybody ever see an Electrical fly tying machine?
> Besides I don't have such a list, nobody here ties flys do they?

A jolt from beyond
The Electric Super Fly
Charge it, no interest!

From: Richard Frank
Subject: you won't believe this

Rob wrote:

> I can see it now... man gets hair stuck in vise and gets his face
> ripped off while hackling a #20 olive body adams...

Man tackled hackling
New bearded body Adams

From: Blake Werner
Subject: you won't believe this

Electroflyed trout
The newest thing in yupdom
The Madisons' wired!

blake 1%er

From: Chris Knight
Subject: you won't believe this

power tool junkies
spin hooks with unleashed fury
beards dubbed without loop

miracle fly vise?
Mabel, let the cows inside
need motor magnets

new flies heralded
nymphs come with indicators
broken rheostat

mandrel included!
tie flies, rotisserie rods
never leave the house

Zuzu petals and all that,

Hell's Anglers

"A horse is a horse, of course, of course, but the concept "horse"
is not a horse." -"Mr. Ed" Frege

And on 10 October 2000 there was this wayward discourse on Egg lures.......

From: Ian D. Martin
Subject: Tediousku, was Re: Oh No! Re: Egg Flies

(and you thought that was the new Romanian head of state. No such luck.)

Egg "flies"; cow magnets
overlap in habitat,
spawning tedium.

From: Dan Kennaley
Subject: Re: Tediousku, was Re: Oh No! Re: Egg Flies

Frying flying eggs
Can't use them, just abuse them
Float tubes liberate

From: kat cruickshank
Subject: Re: Tediousku, was Re: Oh No! Re: Egg Flies

Egg "fly" on cane rod
could bring on Armageddon!
Who will dare to try?

From: Mark Herron
Subject: Re: Tediousku, was Re: Oh No! Re: Egg Flies

Today's eggs, tomorrow's bacon
Try dry fly tie or buy wet fly why
Oh Lord, Armageddon weary

From: Chris Knight
Subject: Re: Tediousku

glo-bugs glue-gunned on
Velveeta hardened on hook
fair fare on Flyfish

who cares about flies?
tres viae, yawn, te deum
magnetic cows rule

From: Jim Tefft
Subject: Re: Oh No! Re: Egg Flies

Knight's under pressure
To watch his pressure
So he gave up eggs

From: Richard Frank
Subject: Re: Tediousku, was Re: Oh No! Re: Egg Flies

Tink was once an egg
sparkle winged and glowing green
curled she dreamed Hook up

fishing hand and glove
he felt his time running out
bait for the gator

faerie loved, mom poor
Peter tinkers and hankers
believes in egg flies

From: Leslie Benscoter
Subject: Roephilactics?

ff@ and All Dept Chairs :)

The Roephilactics
Will Need More Than Tylenol :)
Vapours From Glue Guns

Their Minds Are Clouded
Scaring Hell Out Of The List
Fishing With *That Stuff*?

RainMakers From Hell
Will Certainly Visit Them
The Streams Will Turn Brown

leslie of

From: Richard Frank
Subject: Roephilactics? ku

Roephilactics swell
in tight rubber attire
fiddling with red balls

From: Bob Petti
Subject: Re: Roephilactics? ku

with eggs of estaz
and slinkies stuffed with lead shot
the unwashed go forth

chock, plop, splash, zip, duck
a bump. a tap. are you there?
Fish On! Coming Down!

stumble, slip, fall down
pounding heart, bleeding fingers
rain drops in my eyes

with jump and a splash
and the sick feel of slack
the fish wins again

Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000
From: Chris Knight
Subject: Re: Irish Strike Indicator for Chris K.

Leslie B. wrote:

>This one is for you:

Oh, my.....

those Irish eyes are
a decapitated smurf
smiling lovingly I'd be honored to fish with that indicator. Which bait would be most appropriate? 8^)

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