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Yes, Blake "2-Speed" Werner now has his own wing of the Institute for all those stand-alone gems he's posted over the years. This is a work in progress, there's plenty to add when I get time to add it.

From: Blake Werner
Subject: ode to red

She was truely a beut ole red was.
It was the first car new we bought together.
By that weekend we were off camping
it was raining so i tarped the supplies,
at nedrow they make caps so i got one for lunch
It was the last weekend the notch was open, in oct,
the camp was full of last minute flyfishers and brillant wet
we ended up next taking the ferry near ti-town to get in the green mts
climbed from the saddle to the peak of mount abraham, somedays i'll go back

Spring of 85 they made her, no fancy shit
AM radio, 305 engine w/cloth seats
2 radiators, 2 gas tanks, 2 fuel pumps,
1 water pump, several hoses and lots of brakes and 5-30wt oil
i lost track of the mufflers

Tonight we cleaned her gentle like it never had
Found a bit too. quarters for the showers
4 rolls of toliet paper, 2 little shovels, you got the drill
found keys to my father in laws fish camp in the ash tray
and under the seat his airstream keys.
Wowie he hasn't used this truck in years,
since we traded his suburban for florida

And the memories we found after the hardware was out
My daughter rode home from the hospital in her
when she was just the size of a skinned out squirel it seemed.
I was afraid to hold her even but red run her fine.
She would put ames to sleep when those teeth came on
and the time we saw the eagle up north,
it was a cool day where you can see the mist aswirlin like right guard
driftin down
And the larrys tackle sticker in the window, that was a good trip

The worst part is, i made the deal to sell it for a minivan
i have never held high esteem for any vans, hah
and i have stumbled it seems,
on the day i get my sign up chit from arrp to boot!
Well i rescued more than a few flies from it that would of probably never
seen the water again
Thanks ole red, you were a dandy fishin bud thru the long haul.

From: Blake Werner
Subject: Re: sub salmonku

>wait.. what's that?? I doooo believe I feel a ku coming on....

it's all in syntax
set flyfish salmon big dry
catch carp on usenet

From: Blake Werner
Subject: And the beat goes on....
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999

streamside pig patrol
viligent harmonizing
scud finali?.......flies

From: Blake Werner
Subject: Re: (The lost...and found) Lake Placid clave report

Bill Barnard wrote:

>.......... Next year there will be a fish fry at the Barnard tent for all the decadents
>and we will not tell who attends.

Ahhhh.. and they will droves. I for one will be there and will
even try to harvest my limit at the iron bridge for the affair. (Is a red
plaid shirt ok?)

However yer still not off the hook....

The story of the red jacket gang

They was all lean and hungry
and the leanest of all
was ole bill barnard in his red jacket tall
the leader was known for his quickness to kill
he'd go to a stream and would catch fish until
his hunger abated or weren't no fish left ketch'n
his crew then moved on and found new places for fetch'n

But the places he'd been was so easy to see,
he'd gather the cheeks and the rest he'd set free
thats the story some heard around camp that last day
it's probably bunk though, i can't really say

but his fellow red jackets say it all was ok
They all dressed in red see, they liked it that way
when they met at the stream they would know who was game
and who in their lowly opinion was tame

I even heard some say they'd wet wade or swim
round virgin small ponds out looking for fin
once they hit on a good spot they'd work it just right
then off to new ponds no need for a fight

Of course now you've heard both sides of the tale
the truth's in the middle and our fun didn't fail
we all had a swell time though water was high
the wind was so strong too, it just wouldn't die

I just found this poem in my out box undone
so i ended it tryin to stay with the pun
Next year when the big clave is going on strong
We'll fry up some stockies and rejoice with loud song

Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999
From: Blake Werner
Subject: Re: NON-FF......but I liked it!

> When the copy of your floppy's getting sloppy on the disk,
> and the microcode instructions cause unnecessary risk,
> then you have to flash your memory and you'll want to RAM your ROM,
> quickly turn off the computer and be sure to tell your mom
> Allan Fish

_Hmmmmmm.... you had to go and do it huh, i got to admit i can't find the
suess nomore, drove my chevy to the levie and lost the keys. But i am
afraid i must forge ahead at any rate. Please forgive me. b

well, i went to a dads and daughters klave
now changed to kids klave III
we had a ball just swimin, and arunin round with glee
no fishn was my story, but i climbed a hill or 2
ate way too much good camp-cooked food, and even had a brew
A good one mam, and with my son, we shared a root beer fine
and peed off a high ridge way up, twas heavenly devine
they even ran an ironman race, right past our own front porch,
and though this was olympyland i did not see no torch
so all in all i'd say "was great" the girls had fun, so did my mate
i'm now all tired and worn right thru, i'd bet thats true of all the crew
cept good ole ames she's wasn't done, we dropped her off for yet more fun
this week she's camping with her peers, its got to help her with careers
who can say this stuff is bad, if they said that, they must be mad
or maybe sad would be the deal, i don't know now, go ask my dad
i think he musta started this, i sure am glad, i'm sure not p*ssed
a different kind of notch for sure, i won't complain
i want some more!

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