NorthEast Conclave 2021

When: 01-06 June 2021
Where: Wilmington Notch Campground, Wilmington NY
Hosts: and

Mark your calendars and hope that our vaccinated claving numbers grow. The NorthEast Conclave will be held in the Wilmington Notch of the Ausable's west branch, in the beautiful high peaks region of the Adirondack mountains this spring. You'll hear the roar of the river behind camp, you might hear the buzz of insects around fly tying lanterns, taste camp food that can't be beat, and try to remember how to gather socially around a campfire after a 2-year lag. We'll pass as good a time as possible under the circumstances, so make your reservations and start waterproofing your raingear.

We're pretty sure at this point that the Canadian border will not be open to non-essential travel, so this year we will miss the company of our friends there. That sucks, of course, but we'll soldier on in their absence and hope for better news next year.

There is still a pandemic going on, and all attendees should be mindful of such. I can't enforce a vaccination requirement on clave attendees, but hope you wouldn't consider showing up and hanging out with others in camp without being fully vaccinated first. Failing that, please be fully masked. I've checked with the campground, their Covid policies will directly reflect any NYS rules in force at clave time. At the moment that means vaccinated campers can pretty much go maskless, but they might still be requiring them in outbuildings and offices. On your site amongst your people you may stay maskless.

I will recommend that attendees bring proof of vaccination, especially those who might want to hang at base camp for meals and campfires. That way if we attract any attention with mixed-site congregating we can provide assurances that ours is a gathering of the truly poked.

Below you'll find potentially-useful (and possibly outdated) links for campground info and reservations, license info, etc. Please let me know when you've made your reservations and holler if you have any questions not answered by the links below.

We look forward to seeing you all this spring, or at least in early June (whichever gets here first)

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