Aspen Shearer

Do I look like an Ass Pain to you? I didn't think so!

Aspen is a Yellow Labrador and I believe the first second generation dog on the Dogs of FF@ web page. My dream is that she becomes half the dog her mother Daisy was.

Unfortunately, at the tender age of nine weeks on a trip to the NF Clearwater my main hunting partner labeled her with a nickname that is destined to stick forever. I should have seen it coming when I named her Aspen. He simply re-named her "Ass Pains!"

Ass Pains, err I mean (boy that is hard to get out of your head) Aspen began her retrieving career early. She made her first water retrieve at 14 weeks. It may have been only a puppy bumper in 6' feet of water and only 15' from the shore, but it counts! Like a pro she retrieved her first quail and chuckar at 19 weeks, and as last season wore on she just kept impressing me more and more.

She is now a conclave veteran as well, having attended the "2 uh-oh 5" edition of Alberta Clave. Here she is commanding her new pontoon boat:

You row, I'll fish

Aspen's gentleness with the Pullman East Side Terror otherwise known as James Duncan is greatly appreciated by Momma Shearer. At 17 months JD uses Aspen as a chair when he needs a break, a bucking bronco when he is a cowboy, and a pro wrestling adversary when ever the mood strikes him. Through all the torments the only retribution Aspen ever seeks is a well placed lick to JD's face when he least suspects it.

Where's the Dept of Homeland Security when you need it??