Bess Drendel

Hebert's favorite breakfast food

Bess the 20 month old Pug holds court in the John Drendel household. She stays busy playing Tug-of-War with daughter Lily. In fact she endures hours of torment from Lily without ever complaining or snapping.

During the summer Lily would take Bess swimming, even though Bess hates water. Lily would put her in an inflatable vinyl dinghy and haul her about 10 feet offshore. The mournful look on Bess's face as she watched the shoreline recede was heartbreaking. Lily would then pull Bess into the water while Bess would lock her front legs and try with all her might to avoid being pulled off her boat.

Bess's special talent? She speaks German. Seriously, perhaps her best feature is her resolutely good nature playing with Lily. Not only does she tolerate the swimming lessons but she also endures being dressed in doll clothes, being put into baby swings, and carried in baskets.