Hebert Knight

Have you fed me lately?

Hebert the Lab mutt is shown here in his natural state, repose. He pretty much owned Chris Knight as well as the house, cars, kids, and furniture. Hebert enjoyed sleeping, eating, and keeping neighborhood watch from his upstairs porch. Despite being a retriever, I don't think he ever retrieved anything that didn't look and smell like pizza crust.

Anecdotes? There are so many. He tried to eat FF@ers Gary Misch and Brenda Sharpe. He peed on John Drendel's float tube and Luis Nasim's car. I guess you could say he was a real conclave junkie.

He died on 24 September 2006 after a mercifully-brief illness. He spent the last 15 years becoming the best friend I ever had, and he took a large part of me with him to his grave. Goodbye, goofball.

You can't fish, you have to pet me instead

Was I a cute puppy or what?