Muddy Waters Reiser

Doggie treat, please.

Muddy Waters, a 15 month old Chocolate Labrador Retriever, is Tyson and Lori Reiser's new boss. Her favourite passtimes: eating the cat and chasing Tyson's 'bobber' when he nymphs (he's convinced Chris Knight taught her this).

Says Tyson: "We have been training areas as commands, for example 'bed' for her crate, 'couch' for the one couch she is allowed on, 'truck' for the back of the truck and 'deck' for the backyard deck. One night Lori and I had been preparing to head out to play some cards at a neighbor's and wanted to make sure the dog had her needs taken care of. Looking for the dog, we couldn't find her anywhere, not upstairs, the basement, her crate etc, she was nowhere to be found. One of us had to have mentioned the word "deck" when we were getting ready because as we did the second sweep looking for her there she was. Sitting as still as can be, watching us from the deck. It's funny the times that they choose to listen!"

Muddy has a special knack for finding the most expensive set of eyeglasses in a room and chewing them to shreds, completely ignoring any lower cost no-name brands.