Roxy Jackson

C'mere, gimme a kiss!

Brandon Jackson writes: "Roxy was an accident. At least her coming into my life was. I was mowing yards in the summer for extra cash and had just begun to mow a yard when out of nowhere came this big lumbering slobbery dog with a very pregnant woman chasing behind. The woman had two young boys in tow and the dog (Roxy) was just too much for her to handle. She noticed that I was awe struck by the pup and decided that if I would give her a good home she could go with me. She did."

Since then Roxy has matured into the perfect pet. She sleeps all day and has great bladder control, she can hold on for a good 10 hrs plus. She is always nearby, she loves physical contact and doesn't sleep by your feet but rather on them. In the picture she has just had her first experience with flour. Somehow the empty package of flour made its way to the floor where Hoover (as she is sometimes called due to the fact that she vacuums up a lot) stuck her face right inside and began shaking flour all over the place.

Oh yeah, She has won Most Personality two straight years along with the Owner - Pet Look Alike (with my wife) once in the local dog show.