Photo Gallery

Mostly these are photos from various Flyfish List encounters and conclaves. Some are better quality than others. The photos, that is; the encounters were all top notch.

Photo Index

Colorado 2007 MurphClave 2007 Barking Dog Clave 2006 California Clave 2005
TennClave IX Baglo Pix Mark Purvis Barking Dog Clave 2003
Sturgeon! NEC X 2003 NEC X : TimBob NEC XI 2004
NECII '95 Lake Placid Clave '96 Lake Placid Clave '97 Lake Placid Clave '99
VA, TN 1996 Barbarian Blast, '96 TennClave II, '96 Hell's Anglers Microclaves
Dave Churches Marty Wardius Montreal Microclave, '98 NECV, 1998
'98 Canuk Forum Dads and Kids Clave '97 Dads and Kids Clave '98 Kids Klave '99
NECVI, 1999 Klave of (non) Steel 2000 Family Clave 2000 NECIII, 1997
FebClave 2001 NEC 8, 2001 Colorado 2002 Kaaterskills 2003
Family Clave 2003 Family Clave 2004 WillowClave 2006 NEC XIV 2007
MurphClave 2006 Jason Tinling 2003 Waiting for the Electrician Or Someone like him

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