Outlaw FF@ Gangku

Who would've thought that a discussion of cleaning cork grips and fly vests could lead to this?

From: Creed Taylor
Subject: Outlaw FF@ gangs and dirty vests

Dave Murphy writes:

>Iowku? What is that?

It's a Haiku (an Haiku?) whose origin is in Iowa. Hells Anglers (great name, George) stop over in Iowa for a little poetry reading and writing on their annual fishride across the States.

Looking for water
Biker fish chick behind me
Tatoo of a trout


From: Blake Werner
Subject: Re: Outlaw FF@ gangku

I shuffle softly
The chrome on my fly
Glints in the fading daylight

I got a chopped rod,
It's true but it's not a Lewis, Maybe someday eh?

I use only the best
Domestic Parts, made right here
I fish for freedom

From: Chris Knight
Subject: Outlaw FF@ gangku

Born to fish wild trout
polished chrome single foot guides
throttle my hawg stick

death before clean cork
need Nasim's Harley hankies
and trout babe sidekick

From: Carolyn M. Richards
Subject: Outlaw FF@ gangku

Forget the trout babe?
Forget her trout tatoo too?
No! Say it ain't so.

From: Luis Nasim
Subject: Re: Outlaw FF@ gangku

Chris "Sicko" Knight dreams out loud:

>death before clean cork
>need Nasim's Harley hankies
>and trout babe sidekick

keep the dirty cork
and the trout babe sidekick too
FORGET the hankies

From: Chris Knight
Subject: Get Your Motor Runnin'...

Powerbait Kruse wrote:

>And I might add, don't forget to strap a Scott rod to it. You'll be > the prototype for their next ad campaign!

I guess we're heading back to the Hell's Anglers thing again, aren't we? 8^)

By that old favorite, Steppenwulff:

Get your motor runnin'
head out with your fly rod
lookin' for a cuttbow,
or whatever's in that pod

Born to fish wild...

Get your motor running
lightweight graphite thunder
racing with the mend
and the fly is thrown asunder

[next stanza added by BillSchudlick:]

And like a true angler's child
We were born, born to fish wild
We cast our flies so high
They're never gonna alighight...

Born to fish wild...

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