Jemmy and Rosa Herron

We bad. Yes we is.

Jemmy's the Yellow Lab on the left, Rosita's the Rottweiler on the right, and together they kept Mark Herron's yard safe from Frisbees and intruders.

Says Mark: "Jemmy was a failure as a guide dog (which is why we got him) and an unqualified success at everything else - particularly at being cute. When he got really excited and couldn't contain himself he would go for a burn around the back yard. Several laps were usual to the amazement and amusement of all present. What he truly excelled at was catching things - balls, sticks, Frisbees - whatever - he was incredible. I remember once throwing a tennis ball up against the wall - one bounce before or after the wall and he would hang behind me just off to the side and get it in mid air every time. I kept throwing harder and harder to see if he would miss - nope. The last few were going fast enough to turn him around some in mid air but he still caught them. If you threw the ball up high - he would leap and catch it several feet off the ground."

Rosa's favourite passtime was nipping Mark's girlfriend Jan's heels when she walked past Rosa's favourite spot between the kitchen and dining room. She never left a mark or raised more than a squeal. Perhaps it was just her fun way of letting Jan know who was really the beta female.

Mark says "A few years after this picture was taken Jan and I took Rosa for a long walk beside the Yarra River at a place called Wonga Park. Back then it was semi serious bush in parts. On the way back out Rosa got into trouble walking. Found out later it was her back. As the picture shows, Rosa was a big girl. I'm guessing about 120lbs. She couldn't walk very far and I couldn't carry her much further. Between carries, rests and spells of her walking it took several hours to get her out. Pleased to say all of us recovered."

Rosa's special talent: Scaring the bejeezuz out of anyone who came round the back of the house uninvited.