Kol Benscoter

My human is well trained, eh?

Kol Lake Creeks Dark Knight was whelped at Coyote Creek Retriever Kennel on September 22, 2001. He died on 21 May, 2012. He is dearly missed.

The Sire was FC AFC Kensbridge Darkly Handsome and the Dame was Kustatin Seven One Delta MH. There were 9 fuzzy little Black puppies in this Deli X Dean batch. Kol's mother is a RedBlonde who is a medium sized muscular lady who competes for the Kennel. His father a large black dog lives in comfort near Florence Oregon and is custom trained by his special lady trainer owner. Both his parents retrieve with pride.

Kol was in the field every day in one way or another. At 4 months he retrieved his first grouse. His training at Floras Lake was sustained and intensive. He was the lakes Kite Instructor, specializing in retrieving. He was on the wind surfing staff at Floras Lake and trained every child who came to the point. When he tired them out retrieving he would usually beat them in soccer. Kol worked for the love of play.

Ann took the picture of Kol hunting with Les at the Triangle Lake Pheasant Farm. He managed to get his first pair of Rooster Pheasants. He was preparing to learn Pontoon Boat management that winter as he loved fly fishing. To his credit he even retrieved a strike indicator. He thought they should not be on the water as they resembled dry flies. Kol was from the Dark Side. Let not this be a demerit for him as he retrieved the Register Guard newspaper every early morning. He was known to read on the way back to the habitat. If the news was too "Bushy" he would race ahead, drop the paper, and pee on it. Like his buddy "Les is More" he was registered an Independent!