Josie Rumrill

I'm not blurry, you're just too slow!

Josie is short for "Josephine", and is named for Josephine Baker, an entertainer from the '20s. She got the name for her wiggle when she walks. Says Donald, "Josie was a gift from my wife when I was two days home from some major surgery, to get me up and moving again. It worked and I firmly believe she was responsible for my rapid recovery."

Standard Poodles were originally bred to be retrievers, they have webbed feet like a lab, and an amazing nose. They don't shed, but their hair grows continuously and forms a curly coat that does need to be brushed out regularly. They are considered non-allergenic. The silly haircut seen in the show ring actually derived from a hunting cut. Their fur absorbs water readily, so as much as possible was shaved off, leaving tuffs around the joints and head for warmth. The deal with my wife was to never have this cut (for the dog, not SWMBO). She gets shaved down a couple times a year, and it grows as it grows. The hair is the loop part to the burdock Velcro, and can be a real pain to curry.

She'll stand with me in the creeks while I fish, and remind to move on if I overwork a pool. She's a calm, generally-quiet dog that's all business once we head into the woods. Read Steinbeck's "Travels with Charlie" to get a good feel for the breed. I pick up a rod case, and she's there ready and anxious to go, like a gun dog when you put on those boots.