Strider and Nala Weiter

It's about time you went to sleep!

Strider the indefatigable black lab now rules the Weiter household with an iron grip. Nala was the sweetest yellow lab on this planet until 9/11/07 when a brain tumor got the best of her. As you can clearly see from the photo the pair was ever vigilant, ready to be petted with nary a moment's notice. They lured you in with that sleeping dog routine, then once you were suckered in they wouldn't let you stop petting them.

Well, OK, Strider will let you stop petting him, but only because there are so many walls to run into and there's just so little time... ;)

Nala was Hebert's best doggie friend, they were like an old married couple. Uncle Chris had a real soft spot for her, too, and she is going to be missed dearly.

Nala Weiter 1993-2007

I'm a happy dog!
Am I happy or what?

synchronized sleeping
Nala and Hebert, synchronized sleeping