Zana Evans

My, what big eyes you have!

Donred's Zanata V. "Zana" Greif, appropriately nicknamed "Banana", is the 2 year old Rottweiller companion of Ryder, Xena, and Darlene and Mark Evans. She passes the time by playing soccer by herself. She can do a back kick using her front legs that sends the ball flying across the yard -- which is considered legal in Rottie soccer. The goal post seems to be a flower bed.

Says Darelene: "When we acquired Zana at 6 months she had lived where there were no stair cases. It took 2 months before she would come up to our second story. One day my husband yells from downstairs have you seen Zana, I turn to reply "why would have seen her upstairs?" as I was drying my hair in the bathroom. As I turned around there she was sitting and looking at me. She spent the rest of the day running up and down the stairs just because she could."