Daisy Shearer

I was the queen of all that surrounded me!

Daisy Ursus Arctos Horriblis (her father's name is Grizzly) was the Chocolate Labrador who looked after hillbilly Don Shearer for five years. Daisy enjoyed bird hunting, and when she wasn't doing that she'd rather have been bird hunting.

"This picture has a FF@ connection. Fellow lister Tim Cavileer and I were fishing on Elk Creek in Idaho and Daisy accompanied us on this beautiful October day. She accompanied us even though she kept reminding me it was bird season and that we were wasting a perfectly good October day by fishing."

Says Don: "I don't mean to brag but Daisy was the greatest dog in North America. I would say the world but I have yet to leave the continent and would not want to be too quick to make such a judgment." Daisy's special talent was acting.